Experience Europe's Largest Street Festival
Notting Hill Carnival Costume Parade
Sunday August 25th and Monday August 26th 

COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com
COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com

Since 2010 GBA's tour programme has expanded to include performances at Birmingham and Luton Carnivals, St. Pauls Carnival in Bristol, Ryde Illuminated Night Carnival on the Isle of Wight, the Grand Carnival Splash at Alexandra Palace, Hackney One Carnival and Olympic Torch Parade and the Notting Hill Carnival.

 The London Notting Hill Carnival

Sunday August 25th is a day designed for children and families, with Bank Holiday Monday 26th 2019 traditionally aimed at adult masqueraders.  

Luton International Carnival

A great way to start the Caribbean Carnival season. Luton provides a freindly, family day out with a wide range of activites to enjoy after the parade.

St. Paul's Carnival, Bristol

A fantastic day out for all ages to enjoy. The St. Paul's Carnival was thoroughly enjoyed by all those who took part in the parade.


COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com

Great Day's Out

COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com

We take participants to and from Islington to experience being part of high profile carnival costume parades. 

Hackney One Carnival 

The NHMBA Grand Carnival Splash

A fantastic opportunity to see all the large costumes produced for performance during the Notting Hill Carnival Parade. A great day out for the family.

COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com


Since 2008 GBA has sought to engage new audiences by exhibiting large costume structures at Islington Arts Factory during Black History Month.

 The Black Art of Making Mas

Ever wondered where the fantastic costumes at Notting Hill Carnival come from? Making Mas is an exhibition series that explores the history and development of Black British Carnival Arts.


From the traditional, subversive themes and characters of old Mas to the exotic fusion of Afro-Caribbean and Latin inspired designs we see today. The 'Black Art of Making Mas' Black History Month exhibition. Islington Arts Factory 

 Gallery Events and Activities

Glorious Backstage Arts provides interactive gallery events for schools to explore the masqueraders’ costumes, images, and the backstage arts required to create this maverick art form. Advanced booking required

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