Here is a little information about taking part with Glorious Backstage Arts. If you have other questions please email or use the contact us link provided.

How do I participate with Glorious Backstage Arts?

Please complete the online membership registration; you will then receive further information about participating in the Glorious Backstage Arts costume section. Payment details will be provided via email with information about the costume package sought. Tickets for the event and costume packages will be issued so that you can collect your outfit from our 'Mas Camp' when you arrive for the event. Payment can be paid in full or via instalments at our Islington Arts Factory studio. If you would like to get involved prior to the event; we run a weekly (open level) pre-carnival dance programmes on Sunday's 4.00 - 5.00pm.  Islington Arts Factory, 2 Parkhurst Road, Islington London N7 0SF. 

For further Sunday drop in times, and information about taking part with Glorious Backstage Arts  please email or use the 'contact us' link provided.

COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with

 When is the Notting Hill Carnival?

Children’s Day is on Sunday 25th August, Adults Day takes place on Monday 26th August 2017. The parade will begin at approximately 9.00hrs and participants are expected to be ready to depart from Barlby Road between 10.00 - 11.00hrs

Where is your meeting point?

We are based in Islington and provide transport to and from the Notting Hill Carnival from Islington Arts Factory N7 0SF. Those who live closer to W10 can arrange to meet us in Barlby Road from where the band sets off.


Can I take part with my children?

Parents, Carers and Families can take part with Glorious Backstage Arts on Sunday which is geared towards providing children with a fantastic day out. Monday is geared towards adults and those familiar with playing Mas.


What about security?

SIA Door Supervisor's oversee security during the event, ensuring that only those issued with the appropriate wristbands can gain entry to the support vehicle, and carnival float. Hosts check the guest list and issue participants with Tyvek security wristbands upon arrival for the event.

Is food provided?

Glorious Backstage Arts used to provide food but people enjoyed trying the array of cultural dishes that can be purchased along the parade route. Revellers can purchase the food of their choice during carnival then relax and eat on our support vehicle.

Are drinks provided?

Water is provided. NB: Glorious Backstage Arts believes in the sensible consumption of alcohol.

Glorious Backstage Arts
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Please contact us if you have any questions not covered in our FAQ.