We Believe - You Succeed 

For 20 years the team lead by Creative Director Angela Slocumbe has been providing  creative opportunities for work experience. We believe  in  the  potential of our volunteers and  provide roles  and  responsibilities  that  demonstrate  their  competence  and  abilities  via high profile events. Every applicant, their goals and aspirations are unique. Following an informal interview we structure a bespoke plan that enables each  person  offered a placement the opportunity to focus on their aspirations via the roles given.   

Carnival Arts Workshops provided to motivate, encourage and train young people in different aspects  of  design  and  performing arts. Childrean and young adults are actively involved in creating and being part of events which will build their confidence and team work skills.

The Masquerader designed by Camille Lesforis COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com

The aim is to encourage participants to develop confidence in their creativity and the performing arts, to work individually and as part of a team. We aim to help learners explore new skills and motivate themselves via a mixture of costume making, drawing, dance and drama.

Inspiration developed in collaboration with Fine Artist Monica Shanta Brown

Courage was reflected in the life of Queen Mother Nanny. Leader of the Maroons, African's who refused to live as slaves and escaped to freedom. Her courage and determination helped the people of Jamaica fight against servitude and achieve freedom.


The amalgamation of dance styles and steps associated with Latin, African and Caribbean carnival’s also encourages boys and girls to develop their spatial awareness, stamina and knowledge of traditional and contemporary movement and performance. Our  dance education programmes are produced in collaboration with Bamboch Caribbean Dance and Movement Angol.

Dwayne Fields

Dwayne Fields was the first Black British man to reach the North Pole in May 2010. Dwayne spoke to us about  'Mathew Henson' the African American explorer who was the first man to achieve this challenge in 1909 and in whose footsteps he was determined to follow. 

Support from the Arts Council helped us display our art to thousands of people and encourage a dialogue about the amazing lives of our African Caribbean ancestors

CAD-Net The Carnival Arts Development Network


Carnival costumes are designed to portray historical, fantasy, or contemporary themes.   

Frederico Tam - Illustrator COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com

Workshops incorporate drama and storytelling to communicate and explore the emotions, characters and stories behind the costumes presented.

Frederico Tam - Illustrator 'The Masquerader'

The design theme for 2011 - 2012 sought to portray stories inspired by the paralympic values of determination, inspiration,courage and equality.We are looking at real Inspirational people whose lives reflect, the courage, determination and excellence we can all work to achieve. Since 2014 we have explored the traditional characters associated with masquerading.

Monica Shanta Brown - Fine Artist COSPLAY at Notting Hill Carnival with gba-carnival.com